NIGERIA – Our World My Roots



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This book is filled from cover to cover with fascinating facts about the wonderful Nigeria.  Discover everything from landscape to landmarks, school to food, and traditions to culture.  You will also learn some basic words and phrases in three of the most widely spoken languages, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.  70 pages bursting with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations to bring the facts to life and engage your child. A perfect introduction to this amazing country. 

The Our World My Roots collection is the ideal gift for any aspiring young explorer. Inspire the next generation to be curious, be confident, be kind and most importantly embrace who they are, as well as those around them


Absolutely love the book! I secretly read it to my 3 month old so I can read it to myself 🤣🤣

Dami O

We all want our babies to feel connected to their heritage and these books are a great place to start. They are honestly outstanding in their detail and depth. They are inclusive of different ethnic groups and beautifully recommend!